Dr. Fred Simon, MD for US House of Representatives

What Has Happened to America? 

Every US citizen has noticed a serious decline in the standard of living and respect for the rule of law over the past four years. We have thousands of homeless in every city, 100,000 Fentanyl deaths every year, millions of illegals pouring into the country will no vetting and blatant criminal activity by our Federal law enforcement agencies and judiciaries.

How did we get here? There are two simple reasons:

First, we have a Federal Reserve that has enabled and accommodated the most reckless money spending by Congress in our nation’s history. Starting in 2001, the Fed has accommodated spending for endless wars, massive deficits, and corporate bailouts so that we now have a Federal debt of over $34 Trillion dollars and the interest on that debt is starting to crowd out all other spending.

Second, the largest multinational corporations in the world have captured and control our government agencies. There is an unholy alliance and a revolving door between corporations and Federal regulatory agencies which are supposed to regulate these corporations. And these same corporations pay for the campaigns of our congressman and senators who do their bidding.

What do we do about it? 

Solution #1

Close the Border – Build the Wall – Deport illegal Aliens

Do you know how much it costs American taxpayers for Biden’s open border? An open border that Mark Amodei voted for when he gave Biden a blank check for two years with no limit? 

It costs $451 Billion dollars!

Since 2021, government care and housing could total as much as $451 billion nationwide for apprehended migrants and known “gotaways,” according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

A massive cost is a cost borne every year by every American citizens for an open border. We can cut this cost by closing the border, building the Wall and deporting illegal aliens. 

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Solution #2

It’s the Spending that’s the problem!!!

We have to stop the spending because it drives all the destructive behavior.

And the only way to get meaningful, purposeful cuts in spending is to not raise the debt ceiling and shut down the government until we get meaningful cuts and real action on securing our borders.

We need a Congressman like Dr. Fred Simon who is a warrior and who is committed to serious cuts, not a liberal like Mark Amodie who will claim that the latest budget he voted for will “save $200 billion over the next 10 years”! Have you ever known a Congress that has delivered a budget that actually “saved” anything, much less over 10 years. This is just more fig leaf BS from Mark Amodei who has proven over the last 12 years that he is the biggest of the big spenders by voting for every Debt Ceiling Increase, every Omnibus Bill and every Continuing Resolution. Mark Amodei is the reason that we are $34 trillion in debt and about to go over the financial cliff.  

Solution #3

We have to break the grip that multinational corporations have on the economy and the Federal Government.

The large multinational corporations have taken control of our government through lobbying and by paying for the campaigns of Congressmen and Congresswomen. Corporate interests come before your interests. Corporations actually have their lobbyists write the bills they want and then get their bought and paid for congressmen and women vote for these bills. Congressmen, like Mark Amodei, love Omnibus Bills that lump the entire spending for the Federal Government into a single bill, because it allows them to justify their vote for the bill by identifying one or two “good” items in the bill (like a pay raise for the military), but the bill is full of the most God-awful pork and reprehensible spending on worst things imaginable. 

Here is what we need to do:

We start by passing a law that forbids insider trading by Congress. Insider stock trading is illegal for you. So why is it legal for Congress? Why does Congress get to enrich themselves with insider stock deals on corporations that benefit from legislation these same congress people vote on? 

We need a law that ends the revolving door between Federal Agencies and Corporations. I propose a 10 year ban on any Federal employee moving from a Federal regulatory agency to a regulated corporate entity. And a permanent ban on persons from corporate employ moving into a regulatory agency.  

Finally, we need to vote to end all subsidies to Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Healthcare, Big Tech, Big Oil, and Green Energy. There is no reason to subsidize Big Ag that is in the hands of corporations that hide the truth about the dangers to your health of highly processed foods. There is no reason to subsidize or give immunity to pharmaceutical companies that hide the truth about the health effects of their vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. There is no reason to subsidize Big Hospital corporations that squeeze every dime for quarterly profits by cutting the quality of healthcare. There is no reason to subsidize or provide anti-trust immunity to Big Tech companies that regularly and illegally sell your personal data and cooperate with Federal Law enforcement to illegally censor and spy on US citizens.  And there is certainly no reason to subsidize Green Energy which is cost prohibitive, environmentally destructive, and unsuitable for a modern, industrial society. Ending subsides will cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the Federal budget!

On June 11, vote for Dr. Fred Simon, MD for the US House of Representatives