Dr. Fred Simon, MD for US House of Representatives


Send Dr. Fred Simon to Congress

The Warrior we need to put Nevada and America First!

Liberal Politicians like Mark Amodei have fully funded the Biden agenda. And now the Federal Debt is threatening to destroy Social Security, Medicare and the US dollar. 

It is no exaggeration that America is in deep, deep trouble. From the Biden open border, trillion dollar deficits, an endless war in Ukraine, and a corrupt FBI and DOJ, we stand on precipice of a complete financial and societal breakdown.

If we don’t elect Donald Trump in November, we will lose the country!  And if we don’t elect warriors like Dr. Fred Simon who will have Trump’s back, Trump will get rolled by the Deep State.

There is only one way out of the financial mess that Mark Amodei has created. And that is to drastically cut Federal Spending. If we don’t, everything that we have worked for, including Social Security, Medicare, our Healthcare system and the US dollar will be destroyed.

It’s simple 8th grade math. The US government is now adding $1.0 trillion EVERY 100 DAYS to the US Deficit. This adds $20 Trillion dollars to our debt in just SIX YEARS. Every dollar of the deficit has to be financed by the US treasury.. The interest the Treasury needs to pay on $54 trillion of debt will crowd out payments to Social Security, Medicare, and our military and will create permanent inflation. Every America will become poorer every year as the US dollar is devalued.

Mark Amodei has created a terrible financial crisis for every American. He voted with Kevin McCarthy to extend the debt ceiling for two years with no limit, fully funding the Biden Agenda of open borders, the war in Ukraine, and the corrupt FBI and DOJ. If you look at Amodei’s history, he has voted for every debt ceiling increase, every continuing resolution, and every bloated budget-busting Omnibus Bill in his 12 years of Congress. Mark Amodei is the reason that America is facing a $34 Trillion debt that is increasing by $1.0 trillion every 100 days. He has been a solid  big spending liberal. Your paycheck is devalued every day because of Mark Amodei. 

Time is Short!  If we don’t perform emergency surgery on the Federal Budget, the patient, America, will die. We will be consumed in a death spiral of inflation as the US Dollar is devalued and every America will watch themselves become poorer and poorer. You’ll get your Social Security Check, but you won’t be able to buy a bag of groceries with it. 

My Platform

Here is my plan to save Social Security, Medicare and the US Dollar:

Spending Cuts

  1. Close the Border, Build the Wall, and deport illegal aliens
  2. Cut Federal Spending in all Agencies back to 2018 spending levels. This gives us a balanced budget. 
  3. Put all veterans on Medicare and wind down the Veterans Administration. This will save $132 Billion per year while giving our veterans access to better healthcare. 
  4. End all funding to Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs). This will save Billions
  5. End All Foreign aid…..All of it!
  6. End all war funding to The Ukraine and the Middle East
  7. End all subsidies to Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Healthcare, Big Tech, The Oil Industry and the Green Energy Industry
  8. Defund the FBI and transfer all field agents to the US Marshals
  9. Defund the ATF
  10. Cut the DOJ budget by 50% and remove all top leadership

Mark Amodei’s Solution – Raise the Debt Ceiling to spend more money and bring a few million dollars in crumbs back to Nevada

Revenue Increases

We need tax increases on billionaires and corporations that have ridden a wave of prosperity based on Federal Reserve spending and bailouts!

  1. End the carried Interest loophole for Hedge Funds and Venture Capitalists
  2. Implement a Billionaires tax – 1% of audited assets every year.
  3. Raise the corporate income tax to 20% on corporations with a value over $1.0B
  4. Implement an Alternative Minimum Corporate tax based on valuation
  5. Raise tariffs on China

You, the American Workers, pay a higher Federal Tax rate than the billionaires in this country 

Mark Amodei’s Solution – Raise the Debt Ceiling to spend more money and protect the billionaire class

Reform Legislation

  1. End the revolving door between Regulators, Federal Agencies and Corporations. 
  2. End insider stock trading by Congress
  3. End “Anchor Baby” Citizenship
  4. Audit the Fed – Audit the Gold Supply
  5. Eliminate all election funding by Super PAC, Dark Money
  6. Repeal the Citizen’s United decision by the Supreme Court. Get corporations out of our elections. 

Mark Amodei’s Solution – Raise the Debt Ceiling to spend more money and protect the privileges of the elites in Congress


I’ve been a trauma surgeon for 35 years, saving lives. One thing I know in my heart, is that if we don’t elect Donald Trump as President and get this budget under control, America will die. Every American will become poorer, every year and everything we worked for will be buried under a mountain of debt.

I don’t need money and I don’t need a job. I will not be complicit by not participating. We must clean up the Washington DC swamp one by one starting with Mark Amodei. I want to support Donald Trump and support every hard working American. We are the true foundation of the American Way...not the billionaires and the global elites. I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to the American citizen, often in their time of greatest need. We are in the greatest need of a Great Awakening at this moment to take back our country from the corporations, corrupt politicians and the global elites.

Send me to Washington and you will have a strong true conservative voice representing the best interests of Nevadans and the American people. You will see me active in our state and nationally, aggressively standing up for our principles, ethics and Constitution. You will see national leadership from the second congressional district speaking out for a border wall, serious budget cuts, an end to long costly wars, and an end to this corrupt weaponized Government. 




On June 11, vote for Dr. Fred Simon for US House of Representatives